Tuesday, October 10, 2006

para plegia

at 3am the chickens crow
mosquitoes bite
and phosphors glow

thirteen times, it never fails
inside my mind
something impales

at times when i'm lucky, a lone pig's squeal
across the street
a lady's shrill

i fall asleep, although it's late
i'm quite awake
i can't relate

there are things i can't comprehend
i close my eyes
but see through my eyelids

it reaches my head, i try to wake up
i wake up
it reaches my head

and the possession starts. i'm fed information
i try to escape
i fear the revelation

(then it slowly fades away)
(dogs bark)

what have i done wrong?
terrified not anymore
it has been happening for so long

thirty minutes ago the sun was bright
it always is

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