Monday, July 25, 2005


jm: eto corning advice
jm: Sadness, when chronic or pervasive, can color the lens through which we view our lives. By imagining a soothing place outside of your current life, you can get a fresh perspective on something ultimately pleasurable and this will help shift feelings of sadness. The next time you're feeling blue, try this imagery exercise:

1. Imagine a setting that you find particularly appealing and peaceful. Maybe it's a cozy cabin in the wintry woods, complete with a patchwork quilt and a roaring fire. Or an open field on a sunny day, the breeze gently rustling the grass. Choose any place you wish you could be at that moment, anywhere that makes you feel the way you want to feel. For this example, let's use a warm, private beach.

2. Find a quiet and comfortable space to imagine this beach. If
not_pj: musikero?
jm: 2. you want to recline, prop yourself up with pillows all around you. Turn off the phone ringer. Close the doors. Dedicate the next fifteen minutes to yourself.

3. Close your eyes and allow yourself to sink into the pillows. Picture the white sand beach and the sparkling blue waters. Feel the warm sand beneath you, cradling every inch of your body. Listen to the roar of the water, the calls of faraway seagulls. Inhale the fresh, salty air, and when you exhale, feel all of the tension drain out of your body. Feel the warm sun soaking into your muscles, softening them, and draining all the tension. Explore every sensory detail, giving yourself the time and space to really savor the experience.

4. When you're done, slowly open your eyes and take a deep breath in, and then let i
jm: 4. it out slowly. Give yourself a few minutes to come back to the present moment, refreshed and more relaxed.

5. If you enjoy these exercises, you may want to explore the many CDs and tapes for sale that can lead you through imagery exercises or make one of your own. You may also choose to imagine positive events that have happened in your past or particular experiences that were highly pleasurable.

These mini-mind vacations can introduce a sense of contentment into your day in just ten or fifteen minutes and they will give you a break from the blues for long enough that you feel refreshed and ready to face what's bothering you.


not_pj: prublema sa depression ko eh ayokong mawala
not_pj: hinde
jm: hade
jm: yun nga
jm: you will have to try and face it. d.
not_pj: ayokong kalimutan. gusto ko mawala yung depression kasi nawala yung cause
jm: hade
jm: parang ganun na rin ako
jm: d
jm: nagiging obsession na dun sa lacuna
jm: d


jm: hade
jm: as in nawala na nga, pero nagoobsess pa rin dun sa bagay, kaya you end up obsessing the loss along with the lost. d.
not_pj: bat lacuna?
jm: HADE
jm: este
jm: hade
jm: yung lacuna yung butas na naiiwan pag may nawawala. d.

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