Friday, September 01, 2006

celebrating the death of my cellphone

As of morning August 31, 2006, my Dopod 838 PDA phone was pronounced hardware dead

It failed to wake its owner up for a jogging session with ate Lea and for an ES12 class where a seatwork was going to be conducted.

Attemps to ressurect the said phone was conducted after the owner got home. It was plugged into a charger, its battery was removed, but all attempts were in vain. For a brief moment a hard reset was possible, but the procedure was futile. As of this writing there are no signs of life whatsoever. However it is still connected to a life support (USB port) when possible.

This weekend the PDA phone will try to barter for its life with God. A miracle will be expected by the end of next week.

Whether or not Lazarus will still be in it's cave next week, its owner will conduct an experiment he was wanting to do ever since. This experiment will be in conjunction with his principles about advancements in communications.
During the first week of September (September 4-9), the owner will not be using his PDA. He promises to resort to more natural means of communications, like letters, landline calls, and most especially actual, personal, and non-artificial conversations.
(The owner has actually already recieved his first letter just this day - a direct result of the death of his phone. He expects more)

This experiment aims to detract the subject from their dependence to such devices. It stems from the owner's idea that just several years ago we were doing fine without these mediums of communication. "Why shouldn't we be able to cope without them now?"

Truly, the proposed procedure will reap benefits. It will be difficult for the subject but he is ready and willing to face the dangers of the procedures of the experiment.

The problem is with the other people not subjected to the procedures. If ever the need to converse with the subject of the experiment, it will be difficult for them to do so. Moreover, conflicts are bound to be generated if ever the subject is wished to be contacted by a certain party but the party has no idea about the experiment taking place. The owner plans to initiate an auto-reply device which will automatically inform anyone who contacts the subject through his PDA. Proposed automated reply reads something like this:
"er, sorry since thursday kase namatay ang telepono ko. hanggang ngayon hindi pa sya nabubuhay so lahat ng texts/tawag na matatanggap ng teleponong ito ay hindi ko mababasa/masasagot. contact nyo nalang ako by other means. sorry abala pa.
automated message nga pala ito kaya wag na kayo magreply dito"

Aside from cellular phone features, the owner will also be excommunicated from PDA features as a result of the experiment. The owner will have to resort to other means to wake him up, remind him where his next class is or about the tasks he needs to accomplish over the week.

The owner hopes to learn a lot about the experiment and hopes that it would forge stronger communication ties.

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