Monday, February 28, 2005

maculot hike

what i learned:

+pace yourself. don't let pride force you to hurry up and take long strides. no need to hurry. admit your shortcomings

+take baby steps and mind the current differential of the trail (instantaneous trail). it's ok not to look at the steep climb ahead

it's logarithmic
+after the first part you will have travelled 1/15 of the distance to be travelled. the second part is 1/14 of the distance and the third is 1/13. be optimistic. by the time you have travelled 1/3 of the distance the next will be 1/2. after 1/2 is one whole

you are not doing any work
+make it a point to hike all through out the trip until you are back to the position where you started hiking (this is probably in the car you used). don't ride a tricycle going back. this way your displacement, thus work, is zero, assuming that the weight lost through perspiration and energy used as well as the foliage gathered is negligible

+star toll's speed limit is 100kph

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